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Active WebCam software for IP or USB camera


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PostSubject: Read First   Read First EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 8:44 pm


1. Spam is not allowed.

2. Adult content is not allowed.
Every adult content = BAN

3. Advertising is not allowed.

4. IMEI posting on MAIN BOARD, CHAT, STATUS, in THREADS, POSTS is strictly not allowed.
You can add IMEI only in Your profile.
There it is for your safety and it will be just visible by You ,Administrators and Moderators.

Posted Image IMEI is a personal information and can be used by other peoples for bad issues hence your IMEI should be known just to Adminnistrators / Moderators.

5. . E-MAIL posting on MAIN BOARD, CHAT, STATUS, in THREADS, POSTS is strictly not allowed..

Posted Image Personal informations like:

* messenger ID
* adress
* cell number

and other personal items are strictly not allowed too.

6. Use JUST:

* English language on English forum section

7. Double posting is not allowed.
Search forum before publishing your thread.

8. Links to other forums are not allowed in any form (direct or coded or in screenshots)

Posted Image They can be allowed just in one case: if it's an archive file password (ZIP, RAR, etc.) and it must be coded.

9. Thread edit time = 8 hours. After this time it's impossible editing: please contact an Administrator or a section Moderator about Your thread correction.

10. [5MB > file size] attachements can be uploaded via other files sharing servers (Rapidshare Hotfiles Megashares etc) but close to your link You must add this string: FEUL
[File Exceeds my Upload Limit]

Posted Image Links must strictly point to a file.

11. In every threads You must add screenshot/s, except these sections:

* Welcome & Off-Topic
* Feedback
* Symbian OS-9.X Entertaining and Discussion & Help Desk

12. Every thread must have attachements, except these sections:

* Welcome &; Off-Topic
* Feedback

13. ALWAYS display the name of:

* applications / games / mods / themes / skins / wallpapers / screensavers

and if it's possible:

* author
* version
* OS supported version
* crackers
* retailers
* translators
* language

of applications / games / mods / themes / skins / wallpapers / screensavers You want to post.

14. Always display in your threads applications descriptions .

15. When You compose a new thread, in box "Topic description" write a short description about the application and how to use it.
It will be a clear information for our Members.

16. Large quotation is not allowed. Don't quote first post in thread. It's not nice to see it repeated and it's SPAM.

17. If You want to say THANKS to the post author don't say thanks in a separate post but hit Posted Image button.

18. You can use [ Posted Image Report] button ONLY to report FORUM RULES breaks. When You use it unnecessarily we can increase Your warn level.



If You don't respect posting rules We can increase Your warn level and can:

- enforcing a moderator preview to all your new posts:

* when an Administrator or a Moderator set it ,
* your posts will be previewed indefinitely by Administradors or Moderators until further notice,

- disabling Your posting ability:

* when an Administrator or a Moderator set it,
* it will be indefinitely till an Administrador or Moderator wont disable it,

- suspending Your account for a period by an Administrator or a Moderator ,

- permanently BAN Your account
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