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 Unlocking F.A.Q

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PostSubject: Unlocking F.A.Q   Unlocking F.A.Q EmptyWed Sep 01, 2010 10:57 pm

Phone Unlocking

Sometimes, when you buy a new phone there is a slight chance that your Network Provider (Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Globe, Smart, Verizon etc) have locked the handset only to accept their SIM card.

What does this mean?

E.g. if you have a “locked Vodafone handset” the only SIM that will work are those Vodafone. If you try inserting an Orange/O2 (any other non Vodafone) your phone will register an error message to notify that they are incompatible.

How do I check if my phone is unlocked?

First find out what NETWORK that phone is on, e.g. O2, then insert a SIM which is not of that network, e.g. Orange.

You may find the following messages if you have a LOCKED handset:

Nokia = "Enter restriction code" or "SIM card rejected"
Motorola = "Enter special code"
Ericsson = "Enter Correct SIM"
Sony Ericsson = "Incorrect SIM"
Samsung = "Invalid Network SIM...Enter Code"
Panasonic = "Invalid SIM"
Siemens = "Phone disabled! NETWORK LOCK"
Sharp = "Invalid Network SIM"

Note that certain SIMS are phone dependent and will not work on certain phones anyway.

Why would I want to unlock my phone?


1. You want to use another network on the same phone,

2. You have more than one SIM that are of different Networks,

3. You want to sell your handset to a wider audience and at a higher price

4. You are travelling abroad and you want to use the local SIM for more value for money.

How do I unlock my phone?

1. It all depends on the type of phone you have.

2. If you are lucky all you need is a special code that is unique to your phone’s IMEI (serial number). This code can either be bought, from places like [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

3. Or you can go [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and unlock it for free.

Please note that some manufacturers will not be listed, and some phones, you just cannot unlock.

5. You can also contact your Network Provider and ask them to unlock your phone. Some will charge you a range of prices, expect the price to be around £15-30.

Your phone will either be sent an unlocking signal, or you will be provided with a code that is unique to your phone’s IMEI. This you will have to “plug” into the phone yourself. Some networks may require you to complete a certain time period if you have just bought your phone, e.g. a year before you can unlock.

6. Certain phone shops have an unlocking service. The ones I have seen in the UK charge approvimately £7.00 for this service.

7. You can buy special equipment (e.g. data cables) and software to unlock your phone. Sometimes you will need a cable and software. In other types of phones (some models of Motorola Sony Ericsson and Siemens), where the unlock code is firmware dependent, this is the ONLY WAY TO UNLOCK it

Is unlocking my phone ILLEGAL?

No, but UNBLOCKING it is. If you have a locked stolen phone/black listed/reported “lost” it is now illegal (in the UK) to unblock it as it's IMEI would be barred.

So, my phone is unlocked but it still says the old network name?!

This LOGO is called the SPLASH SCREEN and it has been programmed into your phone by the company that sold it to you. It does not mean anything about your new Network.

Unlocking only removes electronic restriction so you can use other SIMS other than your original Network’s.

You can remove the splash screen without having to unlock your phone, but that’s another story.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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PostSubject: Re: Unlocking F.A.Q   Unlocking F.A.Q EmptyTue Jun 28, 2011 1:48 am

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PostSubject: Re: Unlocking F.A.Q   Unlocking F.A.Q EmptyFri May 10, 2013 5:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Unlocking F.A.Q   Unlocking F.A.Q Empty

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Unlocking F.A.Q
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